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V bounce trading strategy youtube

v bounce trading strategy youtube

Here is a Moving Average example of a winning trade: Notice the 21 SMA is below the 100 SMA, so according to the rules, we can only go short. On the chart of DZZ below, we have annotated our entry and exit points, which will make it easy to understand the concept above. So, I guess moving averages arent really like trampolines at all. Open your EUR/USD Hourly chart and place the 100 period simple moving average (on the close) and the 21 period simple moving average (on the close.). Below is an example of a losing trade under our rules. Note the win/loss ratio during the trending times when the losses are larger and the loss size during the consolidation times when there are fewer wins per loss. Entering before the price confirmation occurs is always riskier because there is no confirmation that the counter-trend move is finished. Finally, as for the exit point, our target on this type of momentum trade is simply a retest of the prior swing high (or prior swing low if selling short). Rather, we were simply looking to catch a substantial piece of the first move back in the direction of the dominant trend. Yesterday, we sold our swing trade in DB Gold Double Short (DZZ a short ETF that inversely tracks the price of spot gold, for a solid gain of 9 over a two-week holding period. .

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We v bounce trading strategy youtube set the stop at this price because it was below convergence of the low of the pullback (intraday low of April 26) and support of the 20-day EMA. When price action touches the 100 SMA, this trade is closed for a 30 pip loss. Here is an example of a winning long trade after the moving averages have crossed over: Here is an example of a losing long position: You may note that the examples of losses are larger than the. The trade is short because the 21 SMA is below the 100 SMA. The Moving Average Bounce Strategy, the Moving Average Bounce Strategy is a simple strategy to take advantage of the price action that occurs in conjunction with the moving averages. Since our entry was into an inverse ETF, the price action is opposite of GLD.

Motivation trading strategy profit trading skills. What v bounce trading strategy youtube happens next is that the price will typically head back down to at least re-test the prior low before stabilizing. The variables with which you will want to work are the fast moving average, the slow moving average and the take profit amount. It is this overhead supply that prevents the equity from moving higher in the near-term, which subsequently attracts the bears who start selling short. With any trading strategy, the idea is to notice a pattern, then figure out a way to use it as an edge to conquer the market. It is this knowledge that prompted our short sale of gold as it bounced into resistance of its 20-day exponential moving average, then started heading back down. When buying a pullback to support (or selling short a bounce into resistance we always wait for price confirmation that the dominant trend is likely to resume. The end result of all the selling into strength of the bounce is that the recovery attempt is usually short-lived. A simple moving average of 100 bars works well for the slow moving average.

How We Gained 9 Selling Short Gold Into The

And of course, sometimes the price action will go right through the trampoline and start bouncing on the other side. The term moving average pretty well describes what. When that bounce occurs, traders and investors who got stuck and did not sell for one reason or another sell into strength of the bounce, hoping to minimize their losses. Again, study your trading instrument and time frame for the proper variables to be sure you can be profitable with this strategy. The initial protective stop was set.49. What Is A Moving Average? For several months prior to entering this trade, we had been closely monitoring the price action of spdr Gold Trust (GLD an ETF proxy for the price of spot gold. The trade idea was originally mentioned in this March 18 blog post, and then again on April.

You will take your stop when your trade touches the 100 SMA. Rule #5, you will take only one position at a time. Weve tested this strategy on the EUR/USD Hourly chart. A Moving Average is Like a Trampoline. For the EUR/USD Hourly chart, weve determined that a simple moving average of 21 bars works well for the fast moving average. Ive used Blue for the 21 period SMA and Brown for the 100 period SMA. What can you do to enter, stay, and profit on the market through money management? Therefore, we happily give up a bit of the trades profit potential in return for a lower-risk entry point. Specifically, we were expecting GLD to eventually break down below major horizontal price support around the 150 level. Sign up for your 30-day risk-free membership. Moving averages are like trampolines, sorta.

The Moving Average, bounce, strategy (Updated May 2018) Learn

Read on and see. The following image shows a series of trades over a few days time. Therefore, our entry was on a pullback from the highs, rather than a bounce off the lows: As you can see, we bought DZZ on May 1, after it gapped above the previous days high. Dont miss our next big ETF and stock pick winners. FBS works with all EU clients via. When that bounce occurs, traders and investors who got stuck and did not sell for one reason or another sell into strength of the bounce, hoping to minimize their losses. The Moving Average, bounce, strategy is a simple strategy to take advantage of the price action that occurs in conjunction with the moving averages. Geld verdienen gaat niet vanzelf. Tijd dus om toch geld te verdienen!

v bounce trading strategy youtube

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